Color: Calfskin Crocodile Effect

"A new addition to the Silver Ostrich bestiary : discover the Everglades belt, a ferocious accessory inspired by what lies in Florida dangerous swamps rectified with a touch of louche glamor.

Hidden behind Miami, its blinding lights, extravagant skyline and supercars, the Everglades National Park abounds with dangerous reptilians. A playground for poachers and adventurers of all kinds, this no man’s land set the background for a crunchy buckle.

Think about Burt Renoylds in the middle of a speedboat chase in this swampy scenery, slaloming between alligators. Or Mexican femme fatale Maria Felix entering Cartier Parisian flagship carrying a live baby crocodile in her arms to show her next order to the jeweler : a double-crocodile shape necklace adorned with over 1000 diamonds.

The 2.5cm high buckle and 2 loops are crafted as always here in Italy.A great care has been put in designing the scales of the reptilian skin and his fierce look in detail.

What better to pair with this reptilian jaws than a crocodile embossed cowhide leather ? To respect the figurative buckle proportions, the belt itself comes with an uniform 2.5 cm height. As always, the leather used is soft, comfortable and robust at the same time, sourced from the best Italian farms and impeccably finished, with stitching on edges.

A fun piece to wear with or without irony, to downplay a serious outfit or enhance a go-to-hell attitude. Order first, ask questions then : a LIMITED QUANTITY of pieces have been produced !

We remain at your disposal for any question and recall you that Silver Ostrich belts are available worldwide on express shipping, buyable with any credit cards you own."

Our personalisation is free and available with every belt. Just add your text in the cart and we will make it happen for you.

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