Color: Brown Ostrich Leg

Among the new exotic leather models released in the ready-to-wear collections, rediscover the Safari model.

Rooted at the foot of Kilimandjaro, the spirit of the Safari buckle evokes the grassy lands of Africa. 4 elegant metal parts with enamel inserted are also engraved with organic shapes, as scratched by the saw grass of this new playground. Looking harmlessly for the big game, the enamel colors indeed evokes those of Nature in these yellow and black plains.

Those buckles are in fact vintage ones found in the USA during the 80’s by a friend of the house, asserting origins as obscure as they are fascinating. Truly unique artifacts already charged with history, in a search for a new chapter.

To top off those particular belts, the buckles close a belt handcrafted from ostrich leg, a rare and exclusive leather. Used primarily for watch straps, the team found by chance large hides, enabling us to craft full belts available in black, brown and light brown.

You’ll enjoy the unique pattern and texture of those skins. A precise work done in our Italian laboratory aims at highlighting the different scales of the leather’s grain. Like some Silver Ostrich classics, the belt is shrinked around the buckle. It’s a distinctive detail of the ranger belt, originally meant to carry cartridges on the wider part, and made as a byproduct from the lone ranger saddles.

Ask the team any question you have in mind, either about sizing or how to wear it. If the Canadian tuxedo is always advised in case of doubt, safari inspired outfits are also a track, including jungle jackets, bush shirts, suede and other organic materials.

We remain at your disposal for any question and recall that Silver Ostrich belts are available on express shipping at your door, wherever you are on the globe.

Our personalisation is free and available with every belt. Just add your text in the cart and we will make it happen for you.

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